Blog Post Want to lose weight? It is about the reaction, not just the calories.

Want to lose weight? It is about the reaction, not just the calories.



Want to lose weight? It is about the reaction, not just the calories.


One of the reasons why Your Body Evolution works is that our team learned early on that diets need to analyze your unique body blueprint to correct imbalances and dramatically boost overall health and wellness. A smart diet should change the way your body stores and metabolizes food, kick-starting its ability to rapidly lose weight and slow the effects of aging—all without fad-diet gimmicks or expensive ‘diet’ foods.

In fact, the key to our program’s effectiveness is an understanding that food is merely information that can be used to promote overall wellness. Diets need to study the way your body reacts to food by giving cells what they need and eliminating what they don’t. We look at food as far more than just calories. We know that micro nutrients found in food have the ability to work right at the genetic level to turn genes on and off. By studying the way your body reacts to certain foods, we ensure you’ll continue to lose weight with no plateaus. As we take away and add food back slowly throughout the process, we discover if you have any food sensitivities, which are different to food allergies. Symptoms of food sensitivities (headaches, joint pain, digestive problems, weight gain, puffy eyes, dizziness, hair loss) may occur several hours or even days after eating a specific food—long after you’re able to associate them with the food you’ve eaten. These sensitivities need to be identified in order for you to continually lose weight and keep it off.

How? It starts by leveraging the simple concept that there is no such thing as good or bad food, only food that’s good or bad for you. That’s why we’ve developed our own unique food groups. We teach our patients how to use those groups to prepare tasty and nutritious dishes using real food to deliver rapid and dramatic weight-loss results–all without the boredom that sabotages most dieters’ success.

Our team analyzes your unique body blueprint at the cellular level using detailed blood chemistry data, then works to optimize your body’s cellular function by designing a customized diet program that promotes detoxification, boosts cellular communication and balances hormones, improves digestive functions and transform your body’s adaptive response to stress.

In other words, we focus on the way food reacts with your body, rather than simply telling you to eat less. It’s the reason why our patients continuously lose weight, feel great and change their lives using Your Body Evolution. It’s an outcome we love to see.

Dr. Jeffrey Brown, Medical Director
Your Body Evolution
Weight Loss Through Wellness