Blog Post We’re celebrating Your Body Evolution’s success with a great new promotion!

We’re celebrating Your Body Evolution’s success with a great new promotion!



We’re celebrating Your Body Evolution’s success with a great new promotion!

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmailFacebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmailWhat a half-year this has been. With your help, we’ve enjoyed the most successful period of growth and expansion in our history. Our patient community has grown steadily in number and we’ve been able to connect with more people than ever to help them change their bodies, and their lives. In fact, we estimate that the program has helped patients shed about 30,000 lbs of total body weight in the past six months alone. That’s not even taking into account the number of people who can now walk without assistance, have been able to stop taking medications such as insulin due to their astounding weight-loss, or who simply feel better about themselves and the opportunities they can now seize thanks to their renewed (or entirely new) pursuit of health and wellness. As many of you have noticed, there have been major developments on the marketing side. We not only launched our new brand, Your Body Evolution, but have also introduced our new website, have been active on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, and we have a new mobile app in the works—more on that in a later blog. We also launched a successful summer promotion where patients already on the Your Body Evolution program were offered a special ‘thank you’—namely, the chance to buy two months of the program and receive one free. Needless to say, the promotion has proven to be an overwhelming success with hundreds of patients taking advantage of the opportunity to lose weight and feel great for less than any other weight-loss program on the market—and with far superior success rates. Now that the promo has wrapped up for fall—and because we’ve been listening to patient feedback and have such strong faith in our program—we’re making some subtle changes to our fee and commitment structure with the introduction of a new, limited-time offer. Here’s how it’s going to work: Clients  can now join on a month-to-month basis. Or, if they decide to purchase two months of the program, they can enjoy their third free of charge. Why the change in policy? Our goal is to make the Your Body Evolution program as affordable and accessible as possible, so we’re making this change to ensure that our promise of weight-loss through wellness is available to everyone at any time. So, that’s the big news for fall. But there’s one more thing I’d like to add. All the business success in the world can’t describe the sheer joy I and my staff feel each and every day that we have the chance to help patients like you transform their bodies and see life through a new, reinvigorated lens. Growth in our patient base is great, but I’m truly committed to helping people live longer and better, not to mention helping them engage in daily activities that were only a dream before they took the initiative to re-claim their health with our help. As a doctor, I can say that each and every one of you helps me live out my professional passion every time you step into our clinic. For that, I offer a heartfelt ‘thanks.’ In my next blog I’ll be offering up a little more news on our new mobile app. Until then, stay well and keep enjoying your body evolution. Dr. Jeffrey Brown, Medical Director Your Body EvolutionFacebooktwitterFacebooktwitter