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Are We Winning The Battle Of The Bulge?

In spite of the billions of dollars spent annually on weight loss:

Obesity is still on the rise. Two out of every three people are overweight.

The centre for Disease Control and Prevention has declared obesity public enemy #1.

Clearly our current approach to weight loss is not “winning” Dr. Brown simply wanted to know why?
The weight loss industry says sometimes the dieter is just not ready. They are not motivated enough, they lack will power.

Dieters say most diets work for awhile but then something always happens; they have no choice, it’s not their fault, they have to quit.

Dr. Brown agrees with doctors who believe that as patients become healthier they lose weight more quickly.

Keeping this in mind Dr. Brown created a weight loss system with fresh new keystone principles:
When a dieter finally works up the courage to ask for help we must assure that they are ready.

Motivation is a skill that can be taught, it can be learned. The trick is to help the dieter to feel like they are in control and believe “I Can Do This!”

Will power is different, it can’t be learned or taught, it is more like a muscle that we must help the patient to build up gradually over time with a steady supply of small wins.
Diet and exercise are important for weight loss, however the physician must also be a key participant in the patients ‘Circle of Care’, helping to improve general health in order to optimize weight loss.

Obesity and weight gain are not simply a matter of over indulgence or a lack of will power, the diet must also pay attention to the patients unique needs.

The physician must keep up to date with the growing body of knowledge that suggests the secret to weight loss is accepting that we are all unique, one of a kind ‘weight loss’ puzzles; the solution to permanent weight loss is solving that puzzle.

So What Are You Waiting For? You Can Do It!