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Message from Dr. Brown

FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailFacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailAs we begin another week of dealing with the effects of the COVIID virus we are aware that the loss of face to face interactions with colleagues, coupled with self isolation at home can have varying impacts on our level of personal happiness, day to day structuring and overall mental health. The high levels of uncertainty and anxiety threatens any sense of world order. We will be faced with and will have to accept a ‘new normal.’ This discomfort which many of us have never experienced before, will test our resilience.

We encourage you all to :

1) Focus on cherishing who and what is important to each of us and be mindful of the toxicity of negativity. Practice gratitude. This mindset will strengthen our resilience now and long after this situation has normalized.

2) Remember that eating healthy will help to support your immune system. As we feel better physically we will feel better emotionally.

3) Maintain a routine- Get dressed, have a list of chores or activities each day. This is a great time to clean out cupboards and do those tasks you have avoided.

4) As the weather gets warmer, get outside to enjoy some sunshine- go for a walk or even sit on your balcony.

5) Have family time; try new recipes for meals, play board games, sort through old photos and reminisce about events.

Remember doing something is better than nothing. It is human to fail but quitting should never be an option. We are here to support you and we wish all of you and your families health and safety. Please continue to follow all established safety protocols.

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